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Project Management

CAMOSA provides a vast array of project management expertise with many years of experience in VIP aircraft acquisitions, completions and modifications. Our cost conscious and detail-oriented team help you meet your goals for superior results with meaningful value.

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Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Maintenance

We will track progress and quality to ensure an on-time delivery is achieved.

Liaison Engineering

We will work with your MRO’s and outside vendor prior to, during and after aircraft maintenance ensure production can be maintained and to reduce any delays due to certification issues pertaining to STC’s, DER and DAR Approvals.

Modifications/Interior Completions

We will assist the customer in the selection of a service provider, desired interior modifications, cabin management systems and avionics upgrades to meet budget, time scale and regulatory requirements.

Airworthiness and Regulatory Conformity

CAMOSA can assist you in Re-Registration to the country of choice.

Pre-Buy Inspections/Records Review/MIP Development

We will support you in finding the right type of aircraft to support your needs. We will ensure that the records for your choice of aircraft have been maintained per the regulatory requirements. Then we can establish and build the most cost effective maintenance program needed to ensure safety and quality of flight.

CAMOSA has established contacts with MRO/Completion Centers

We can review and negotiate the best possible pricing with the customers and MRO Sales.

Reporting to Customers

CAMOSA provides daily maintenance progress reports to customers on all activities whilst the aircraft is in MRO, including the following items:

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Modifications
  • Interior Design and Completion
  • Non-routine items
  • Customer Additional Work Items
  • Parts Procurement
  • Cost Analysis – Certifying all items included in work order follow contract guidelines and are within established labour and material budgets
  • Maintenance Representatives – Provide onsite support by Qualified Project Managers. Our team has experience in heavy aircraft maintenance and modifications
  • Vendor Audit/Assessments – Review outside vendor facilities to confirm that proper certification to perform the requested work and audit the parts supplied are within the regulatory aspects of the required aviation standards
  • Ensure all Maintenance Engineering and Modifications are approved per the Regulatory Guidelines of Registration