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Absolute Integrity

CAMOSA can manage the airworthiness compliance of your aircraft, in service or in storage, carrying out independent airworthiness reviews and providing management recommendations.

We offer continued airworthiness management for non-EASA registered aircraft, with a service tailored to the regulations of the aircraft’s country of registration.

CAMOSA will support an aircraft throughout its life cycle.  Should you be purchasing a new or pre-owned aircraft, we review aircraft inspection records in advance, prior to your purchase commitment giving you the opportunity to make informed choices.  Once you become an aircraft owner, we simplify and manage your aircraft’s maintenance requirements.

We provide a complete airworthiness management service for corporate and private aircraft owners.

This includes:


Airworthiness Review


Development, approval and management of customised aircraft maintenance programmes


Forecasting, planning and tracking of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities


Management and control of repairs, modifications, Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins


Safe storage of aircraft technical records


Support and assistance in aircraft import and export processes and acquisitions


Pre-Purchase Inspections


Management of all regulatory paperwork, administration on your behalf with feedback to aircraft owner


CAMOSA will advise on a computer base maintenance management system

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Controlling the Airworthiness of an aircraft is a requirement that is incumbent upon all aircraft Operators and Owners or their agents and is often referred to by regulatory authorities in Europe as Continuing Airworthiness Management.

These services have historically been performed by an airline “in-house”, Technical Department or Maintenance Organization. Changes in aviation management philosophy towards the low cost business model as well as changing regulatory requirements and technology have made it less desirable for operators to develop and maintain their own Technical Departments and more attractive to outsource such services.

 Today Continuing Airworthiness Management of Aircraft in EU is a mandatory requirement and to operate an aircraft is impossible if not managed by CAMO, regardless the type of operation – Commercial (CAT) or Non-Commercial (Non-CAT) and aircraft registered outside of Europe but based inside the union (NCC).

Airworthy is a term used to indicate that an aircraft conforms to its approved design and is in condition for a safe operation.  It has been appropriately designed, manufactured and equipped and is maintained and safely operated.


Continuing Airworthiness means all of the processes ensuring that, at any time in its operating life; the aircraft complies to the airworthiness requirements enforced and is in a condition for a safe operation.

Additionally offered service levels will surpass those currently available from maintenance organisations by providing a professional product, on time and with the benefit of immediate availability of our combined industry experience.  Our services enable our customers to remotely manage and monitor the technical performance of their fleet from both a reliability and cost point of view.

It is evident that by separating the fleet’s Airworthiness Management function from the Maintenance function whilst still outsourcing both services, our customers are better able to benefit from competitive tendering of their fleet’s heavy maintenance requirements.  CAMOSA guarantees a full openness of the technical status of your fleet.

Aircraft financing is asset based and therefore, banking supervisory regulations require a proper monitoring and controlling system to be put into practice by using external technical expertise.  With regard to an aircraft this refers to monitoring and controlling of the aircraft and its main documentation during the operational life as well as a certain length of time after life cycle of the aircraft.  This requirement can be sufficiently fulfilled by an annual aircraft inspection, an asset management program and various audits of the operator and maintenance.

If required by an aircraft Operator or advised in a financing agreement already undertaken certain operational functions may be transferred to CAMOSA, independent from the aircraft Operator or AMO.  Some Financing Institution standards already require a “monitoring and controlling “function by independent CAMO.

Thus, to ensure the Asset (Aircraft), is not only properly maintained technically, but also to ensure its asset value is maintained in accordance with latest “Basel III” criteria.  This is performed by ensuring continuous access to essential and required books, logs and records of the aircraft.

In aviation world, “who holds the logs – owns the aircraft”. Without traceable records and logs the plane itself consists of just aluminium and specific devices. Such technical accounting functions can only be ensured by an independent CAMO.

The advantage of an outsourced and independent CAMO is the integration and combination of the necessary and mandatory tasks. Combining the necessary tasks into one service package saves cost, response time and reduces the Operators administrative burden.