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Additional Services



We offer a wealth of experience and diverse expertise ensuring that every aspect of your risk is adequately covered. This entails that you get peace of mind knowing your aircraft is financially covered should something go awry. CAMOSA will not abandon you to the insurance when it comes to claiming but will assist with technical expertise and administrative assistance to ensure the outcome of any claim meets your expectation.


CAMOSA can assist in the preparation of your expositions, MEL, Company Operations Manual and other documents required for regulatory purposes, this support may vary from full responsibility to managing your choice of sub-contractor.

Quality Audits

The team at CAMOSA provide expertise to run your companies quality system to the regulators requirement and handle the once off audits on your quality system.


Should you be a small operator you still need to manage an effective SMS and FRMP. CAMOSA will manage your entire SMS process not just for regulatory compliance but to ensure that your operation achieves the benefits of SMS and FRMP through a more safety conscious and positive attitude. You never know how effective your programs are until they fail, it is CAMOSA’s ideal that you never find out.

Aircraft registration

CAMOSA can assist with the completion of the registration or deregistration of your aircraft. Some of the excitement of a new aircraft may be diminished in the registration process as it can be lengthy and time consuming. CAMOSA can assist you in this process, from the selection of a country of registration, an AOC or the completion of the registration process. If your aircraft is not properly deregistered and transferred after the sale, you may still be liable for bills not budgeted for.

Pre-buy Inspections

Aircraft delivery inspections and survey.

Due Diligence

CAMOSA can ensure that, when it comes to aircraft purchase, sale or management your service providers have followed a due diligence process and are providing you with the service they advertised at a standard cost. We check prices and make sure you don’t pay more than once for the same task.
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