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Maintenance, planning and control

CAMOSA can provide various services, in line with operator or owners requirements

Maintenance control is a key function of the Continuing Airworthiness process. Maintenance Planning and Control utilises a real time computerised, internet accessible, maintenance management and logistics program.  With the added value from our team, CAMOSA is able to provide operators with comprehensive support, irrespective of their geographical location.

Online access enables you to access your aircraft data 24/7.

  • Customized Maintenance Program Development
  • Reliability analysis and trend monitoring programs
  • AD / SB evaluation and record keeping
  • Daily and long term maintenance planning and control
  • Contracting, subcontracting and checking
  • Defect Control

We are committed to providing outstanding quality and service.  Our company is built on integrity, honesty, and excellence in every aspect of the services we have to offer.

We believe in keeping the cost transparent, while maintaining exceptional quality that either meets or exceeds Original Aircraft Manufacturer (OEM).